And Then I Moved

Several months ago I moved. I did bring most of my stuff with me because it’s easier to get rid of things after the move when I’m assured that I won’t be needing it at the new house. This line of thought is assisted by the fact that the new house is larger than the old one and we are building a studio/workshop that will also need to be furnished. In that regard I probably won’t be getting rid of much until that is finished.

I don’t think there was much that we changed at the new house either. We built some storage shelves and he’s mapping out all the wiring but we haven’t really changed anything. I did remove all the curtains and wash them and then hang them up in different locations – I don’t think any of them ended where they started! And almost all of the curtains I brought with me have found homes in front of windows.

I had already known we were moving when we remodeled the kitchen two years ago. Because I knew we weren’t staying, I made a conscious decision not to install some light fixtures I had purchased with specific places in mind and instead brought them along with the hope that I could incorporate them here at the new house. I have about four of them – all of the chandelier style. I had thought one would go in the new dining room but now I’m not so sure. I’ve decided to ‘pretty up’ the one that is already there.

And I’m doing that by coving it in beaded flowers!