Teaching again

Last summer I entered the reliquary goat into an A&S competition and won. I was pretty happy with the way the documentation turned out; not to wordy and not to sparse. I was inspired to submit a class proposal for the Fiber Arts Symposium this coming weekend in Ames Iowa.

The class is a general look at the historical flowers with a concentration on the workroom photos since I can’t put those on the web. I will then spend time in the lab area so that anyone who wants to make flowers will have the opportunity to do so. I’m hoping for some good turnout because I don’t think I’m going to find another group of people so fiber orientated again.

I’ve wondered why this art is so little recognized and what I can do to let it become more known and practiced. It’s not difficult after all – just fuzzy.

I did load all of the instructional papers I’ve written and they can be found under the beadwork tab – Silk Papers.