The Status of Things

Five weeks ago we moved from the safety and peacefulness we have always known to the new and unknown, adventure-filled Here. Here is located in NW Arkansas and I am currently calling it Enddleton.

Enddleton is a wonderfully large estate compared to most of the other estates I have knowledge of – the house is 3k square feet and the land is 5.56 acres. We currently have two horses, a pony, a baby donkey, and nine chickens living on the estate with us although none of them actually belong to us. We have a large number of trees, a real pasture, a spring fed pond, and lots of flat green grassland that will be gardens in the future. This is a lovely estate just on the very edge of the city proper with all the amenities of city living and all the joys of country living rolled into one beautiful property. I love Enddleton.

Enddleton is a five bedroom, two and a half bath house with two living and two dining areas. There is plenty of room for all our various hobbies and we plan on building a workshop onto the horse barn so we will have greenhouse and woodworking space. The pasture will eventually become an orchard.

Of our five bedrooms, one is for us, two are for guests, one is for yoga, and one is designated sewing. Sewing is code for “all the craft stuff.” The sewing room is packed full and unpacking it has been my latest project. I had 15 medium size boxes with nothing but cashmere in them and those now live on wire shelving in one of the closets. There is an additional wire rack on wheels that doesn’t fit in the closet so I really have an abundance of sewing to do so it all fits in there like it’s supposed to fit!

The other closet is filled with garb and not much else. I then found another box of garb and have not yet integrated that into the rest of the collection but it occurred to me that I need to find someone who fits in the smaller ones and make their day!

There is the sewing table and the sewing machine table and a sofa and a workbench. There are also a small dresser and at least ten storage bins with fabric. The bead cabinet rounds out the furniture in the room. And one very large wool rug covers the floor. Overall it sounds cramped but I would describe it as cozy and comfortable with enough space to get some actual work done once everything is put away as it should be.

Hopefully it won’t take me too much longer to get the sewing room into working condition! Then I can focus on the rest of the spaces!